• Crossing the road
  • Group cycling
  • Sustrans Big Shift - thumbs up
  • Adult and child cycling
  • Walking on shared-use path
  • Full up cycle and scooter store
  • Cycling to secondary school
  • Primary school pupil riding her bike

Sustrans Big Shift is a free to access online challenge designed to motivate the school community to travel more actively.

The challenge will set you targets based on how pupils currently travel to school. Make a Small Step, Big Stride or Giant Leap to increasing active travel and receive recognition for your achievements.

Click here to register and get the Big Shift started at your school.

  • Open to all schools in the UK free of charge

  • Available all year round - choose any five days to take the challenge

  • As well as a whole school, individual classes and year groups can take part

  • Option to repeat the challenge to improve on your achievements

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Take part for freeWe’re in Wales

Schools in Wales can sign up and take part for free on the bilingual Welsh version of this site. Click the “We’re in Wales” button to get there.