How It Works

How it works


  • Register your contact details
  • Tell us about your school and whether you're entering a class, year group or whole school
  • Complete our quick survey. The website then uses the baseline data to set you targets for increasing the number of pupils who travel actively to school



  • Enter the data for how pupils are travelling actively to school. This can be done each day so you can see how well you are doing against your targets or in one go at the end of the five days
  • Use our local authority search tool to identify schools taking part in your area


  • At the end of the final day you can download your free certificate of achievement. Your school will be added to our Hall of Fame
  • Any school which averages over 75% of pupils travelling actively to school will be awarded 'Top Achiever' status and can purchase a special award plaque


  • You have the option to repeat the challenge at any time in the future. The website will remember your original baseline data to set the targets unless you wish to change them.
  • Click here to complete our feedback survey when you have finished the Big Shift.